• 30th July 2012 - By bbtug

    I married my first wife when I was 22, she was nearly 30 and from the beginning of our relationship liked being in control. She got me to wear panties for her and loved playing sexy games where she tied me up, played with me in a variety of ways. In our day to day life she also loved to run the show. I soon learned that her mother (divorced) was very aware of her daughter’s interest in being in control. Her mother and I got along well – sometimes when we were alone she would talk to me about how great it was that I “fit” together well with her daughter. She asked me if I wore panties everyday (I didn’t).

    Not long after that topic was discussed, my wife told me that whenever we visited her mother’s house she wanted me to wear sexy panties. Once, we even spent the night there and I was required to wear a nightie and panties around the house (and in front of her mother) both of them laughed and said how “cute” I looked. That night in bed, my wife used her strap-on dildo on me and encouraged me to make lots of noise while she fucked me.

    I was very embarrased about the whole thing…and of course the subject was raised when her mother and I were alone….
    Beginning cuck experiences

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