Black Superiority

I had been married a couple of years. The sex with my wife was good but infrequent, and I could not convince her to have sex more often than once a week. She started working late and one of her friends told me that she was having sex with several other men from her office. I confronted her, but she denied it, but kept working late. I felt very frustrated and rejected, and soon I was just driving around in the evening. Chicago had a lot of "Adult Bookstores," so I decided to go into one. After browsing around, I noticed that the back of the store had a video arcade with many booths. There seemed to be a lot of customers back there so I got some tokens and entered a booth. I deposited a token and started watching the porno movie. It got me aroused and soon I was stroking my erect penis and getting even more hornier.

I noticed that there was a large hole in the wall shared with the next booth. I stooped down and saw a black man watching a movie and stroking his huge cock. He noticed me and inserted his cock through the hole. I was stunned and didn’t know what to do. His jet black cock was considerably larger and thicker than my white cock. I decided to touch it and soon was caressing and stroking it. It had very soft velvety skin and seemed so,…well, inviting. I decided, well, what the hell. It’s just an experiment!" So I crouched down and took it into my mouth.

He started moving in and out, and with each thrust I could feel the firm corona of his enourmous glans head massaging my lips. I found this very exciting and began caressing it with my tongue and sucking quite hard. After several minutes, he came in my mouth. The force of his ejaculation propelled most of his semen down my throat, but a lot remained to taste, which I found I liked. His erection started subsiding and he pulled out.

This was the first complete blow job that I had ever given and I found it to be a surprisingly overwhelmingly pleasurable experience and I felt great emotional satisfaction from sucking his cock. In fact, I was so excited that I stayed in the booth and blew four or five more men, and was also fucked in my ass several times. When they were done with me, I no longer felt any masculinity, but felt very feminine – and I loved it!

This experience addicted me to cock sucking and I visited that bookstore and others in the Chicago area at least weekly to suck more cock. After confessing to my wife, she promptly cut me off, and decided to cuckold and sissify me. My primary sexual outlet was now giving blow jobs, and hers was with other men.