Cuckhold humiliation hubby

Well maybe i should have googled the word cuckhold before commenting? But i always assumed cuckholding was not to do with race. more your wife/partner fucking the shit out of another man and humiliate her hubby/partner ..either way we (me and my beautiful wife have done this for years..with various friends and random men she has met in clubs ect.. untill about 1 and half years ago i seriously didn’t even know ‘it’ had a name…
cuckhold hubby humiliation
So was so happy when i found similar like minded people:).. does anyone go as far as us..and really try and push the boundries to where she threatens me infront of her lover/boyfriend..telling me she loves him and not me anymore..and she leaving me for him when he’s making love to her?

To wear her big satin panties and watch while she totally destroys me… even telling me infront of him.. hes a real man unlike me..and when she leaves she doesn’t want me seeing the kids any more as HE is going to be the new Dad?

she has moved 2 of her lovers in our house over the years.. and doesn’t let me have sex with her at all when she has affairs..just a sniff of her and plenty of handjobs.. something about loosing my wife for another man seriously gets me going bigtime…but at the same time i feel as though we live very close to the edge…even though we have great communication? :)