Cuckold discussion

Subject 1 = the cuckold should be relegated to the use of condoms for two reasons – the containment of his ‘mess’ as he becomes an incorrigible precum leaker AND so that his Cuckoldress can easily determine when he’s ejaculated (decreased volume through being a bad boy and masturbating without permission).

Subject 2 = Chastity devices should be used on a case by case basis. Some cucks cannot control their masturbation and this at times, becomes paramount where their falling out of the cucky spell is concerned.

Where the Cuckoldress is having problems training her cuck to be a good boy for her, chastity devices should be included in his training until he learns and his conditioning is complete.

Subject 3 = The husband absolutely should be denied ‘conventional’ sex (i.e. intercourse), once he concludes that the best life for him, is that of a cuckold. By ‘cutting him off’ from conventional sex, it becomes less confusing for both, the Cuckoldress AND cuckold as they take their relationship to greater, more intense and mutually gratifying levelsCuckold discussionCuckold discussionCuckold discussionCuckold discussion