Cuckold humiliation

Here really is no other way. Its the best way to put them in their place right away. Once they begin to feel any portion of their masculinity disappearing and a whole new persona developing underthe direction of the wife and Bull any sense of rebellion is gone.

My personal favorite is to dress them in soft and silky things so breasts are plainly part of her . Small ones at first and then later

larger ones to acknowledge some maturity .

Right away you will be able to see his level of excitement as his little thingy announces how happy he is taht his wife will be well taken care of.

I like to train the wife to take her hubby to our bedroom and kneel on the bed. as she tells him of our plans for the evening she strokes teh inside of his thighs and briefly and I mean briefly she strokes his excitement and leaves him that way . Dressed and no place to go (or come as it were)
I have never seen a hint of masculinity from a wuss dressed and no pantiesCuckold humiliation