Feminizing the cuck hubby

I am totally in favor of feminizing the cuck hubby. My First Wife “Turned Me Out” and it was an excellent way for her to control me. I grew up in a very macho male pig environment and I had the usual amount of conditioning that caused me to resist, object and refuse to be feminized. However, my wife threatened, persuaded, cajoled, blackmailed and hypnotized me into accepting the feminization process and quite frankly, I’m now glad that she did. Once I was feminized, it made her “Real Men” Lovers more comfortable when they came to the house to pick her up and saw that I really was a feminized, cocksucking, sissyslut, kunt gurl. It removed any concern they may have had about an angry husband seeking revenge. It also made it easier for straight guys to accept blow jobs from me and to fuck my sissypusssy. It removed the image of “Homosexual” stigma for them when I was dressed up because I was passable so that when they looked down, they didn’t see another man sucking their cock and cleaning up the creampies, they saw a femal slut gurl with long, blonde curly hair dressed in erotic lingerie. In so many ways, I think it is a natural evolution that enhances the cuckold experience when the wife takes control of the cuck hubby and feminizes himFeminizing the cuck hubbyFeminizing the cuck hubbyFeminizing the cuck hubby