• 21st February 2011 - By cuckoldhubby

    Shortly after my wife and I married, I made myself a cuckold by arranging to find her a lover. I did so because I knew that all her previous boyfriends and lovers had bigger and thicker cocks than my thin 4 incher, and I knew size mattered to her. I am a confirmed voyeur and I knew it would be humiliating to even approach another male and ask him to become my wife’s lover. Once I arranged for them to meet, they were very taken with each other. The first time she went to his place alone, I had no idea whether they’d have sex. I waited at home on pins and needles, trying not to jack off. slut wife
    As the hours passed, I knew it had to have happened. When she returned home she kissed me and I could taste his cock on her lips. It was an incredible turn-on as she told me all the ways they fucked and how many times. I eventually got to watch them and once she realized how I got off on her and her lovers making fun of my little penis, she wasmore than willing to fuck the bigger, better lovers in front of me. I only fuck her now on special occasions–anniversaries, birthdays–I either masturbate or she gives me hand jobs, assuring me over and over that her cunt needs a real man to fill it

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    • Bobby on March 8, 2011

      Looks like she loves fuckin around !

    • Bobby on March 8, 2011

      What a body on this woman !!!!! is this your wife???

    • Bobby on March 11, 2011

      Can we see more of this cuckold wife ???? Please ???

    • Cristal on May 14, 2011

      Was it with a black guy. Cause those r the real bulls mmmm I love their awesome big black dicks

    • Cheryl on September 9, 2011

      That’s how it started with my first husband. I cuckolded him and his 6.5 inches because he wanted me to have bigger cock. I told him about some of my other well hung BF’s and how much I liked their big cocks. That really turned him on. I was shocked that he wanted to share me at first, but after our first encounter went so well I really wanted to keep doing it. I had so much big cock that I rarely let him fuck me and I jerked him off quite a bit telling him how much I needed Steve’s 9.5 inch cock! Fun times! :)

    • Jeff on January 23, 2013

      Cheryl, you are the perfect woman! If we were together I would let you have all the thick clock you wanted. I would jerk off while I watched your pussy lips stretch around another guys cock.

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