How we began

While I was a captain in the Army, at one time my wife and I went thru a rough period. To get even with me for some things I’d done, Glenda waited until the next time I was away from the post on a trip. She went to the enlisted club alone where a couple of young enlisted guys (who had no idea initially that she was a captain’s wife) set up on her pretty quickly. She ended the night at their apartment off the post, with both of them sharing her in bed all night. And they both shared her pretty much everywhere else around their apartment besides the bed that night, based on what I learned later.

When she finally told them halfway through the night that she was an officer’s wife, they got a real kick out of that situation. Following that first night Glenda had an extended fling with one of those young enlisted guys for several months, although she never played with the other roommate again. (Or at least that’s what she told me later. Guess I’ll never know.)

Eventually, during another argument she told me that she’d been screwing a young soldier for months. It was intended to hurt and humiliate me and at the time it did. We went to some counseling and decided we wanted to put things back together between us. She stopped seeing the guy and things were cool for awhile. But a genie had been let out of the bottle that we would eventually learn we couldn’t put back hot wife

The thought of my wife having sex with the other guy started to haunt me…but amazingly, not in a bad way. I found myself intrigued thinking about and imagining my wife with another man. Gradually I began asking her to describe in detail what they’d done together. She was hesitant, thinking it would be hurtful for me to hear the nasty details. But when she shared a few details the first time, the boner I developed gave away the fact that I was finding it a turn on for her to tell me about it. We were both surprised by that…and we soon learned that talking about her affair with the kid generated big sparks between us.

The next step was inevitable. I was dying to know what the guy looked like so I asked her to call him & ask him to meet her someplace public for a drink so I could pre-position across the room and observe them together. At that point she hadn’t had any contact with him in months and she was very hesitant about resurrecting anything with him. But when she realized it was very important to me, she called him…from our bed, with me listening! He was most happy to hear from her again and he quickly agreed to meet her for a happy hour at a TGI Friday’s two days later. Waiting for those two days to pass was maddening.

That Friday morning my wife dressed a bit sharper than usual for her job and I could tell that as much as she was trying to suppress it, she was excited about seeing the guy again after work that day. I told her to relax and have fun, I was just going to observe them discreetly and she made me promise I wouldn’t make a scene of any kind. I left work early and got to the bar about 4:45 because I knew they were to meet at 5:30 and I wanted to be in place before either of them got there. He’d never seen a photo of me, but I knew what he looked like because I’d seen a photo of him that he’d given my wife.

He arrived about 5:15 and Glenda got there about 5 minutes later; both of them being early to their meeting seemed to send me a message. They hugged for a second when they met, but nothing that would indicate they were lovers. They sat down in a booth together…side by side I noted, not across from each other. Glenda glanced around the room and spotted me watching them from across the bar where I was seated. She winked at me quickly, and I gave her a discreet OK signal so she’d know I was doing alright. She was looking good, and I realized objectively that her lover was a pretty handsome stud.

They were soon lost in conversation and I could tell that Glenda had pretty much forgotten I was there. There was lots of touching going on, they held hands brifly now & then and once I saw him lower one of his hands down to her skirt and touch her stocking-covered thigh below the hem of her skirt. My wife did nothing to remove his hand and I realized it had once been a very natural gesture between them.

They had 2 drinks together, and then she got up & headed toward the bathroom. On her way, she signalled for me to meet her near the entrance to the restrooms which was out of the guy’s line of sight. When we met there, she was obviously excited. “He wants me to go to his place for awhile. What should I tell him?” We hadn’t planned on that. But I could tell that she wanted to go…it was written all over her face. And I found myself instantly hard as a rock. “If you want, then go with him. But I want something from you if you want to be with him again” I told her.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“You told me that his apartment is on the ground floor. I want you to get him to leave all the curtains open, and make sure there’s at least one bedroom window left open” I told her. “And you don’t stay overnight…not this time anyway. I want to be with you after you’re with him.”

Glenda understood what I was saying. I wanted to watch them together, and listen to them outside his bedroom window. And I wanted her to be with me afterwards.

She seemed relieved that’s all I wanted from her, so she quickly nodded her agreement and then returned to their booth where he was stil waiting for her. Within minutes, they left together. I swear I could smell my wife’s pussy-scent in the air after they walked out…she was hot to trot. I waited about 5 minutes after they left, and then I drove to his apartment. When I peeked in one window, they were already seated on his couch kissing furiously. He had one hand up her skirt and she was doing nothing to stop him. I tore my eyes away and worked my way around the apartment until I found a small fenced enclosure on one side. Glenda had described his place to me while telling me the details of their earlier games, and I knew there was a sliding glass patio door inside the fence. That door went into his bedroom. I slipped inside the fence and crouched in one corner where I wasn’t visible from the bedroom. The sliding door was closed but I’d told Glenda to make sure there was one bedroom window open. Within minutes the door slid open, and I heard Glenda’s voice at the door telling her stud that the cool night air felt good to her.

I watched and listened for a little over 2 hours while the guy worked my wife over like a 2-bit slut. It was obvious that they were both happy to be together again. At one point, he went to the bathroom. As soon as he’d closed the door, Glenda slipped out on the patio looking for me. She was wearing nothing but a black garter belt and black stockings, and I could see streaks of his fresh cum glistening inside her thighs.
“Are you OK?” she asked.

“I’m doing fine, Glenda…and so are you. We’ll talk later.” I didn’t want her to know that I’d jacked off twice while she’d been fucking & sucking her fomer lover.

She went back in for another 30 minutes or so, and then I heard her telling him that she had to go home or her husband would suspect they’d been together again. When he followed her to his front room, I exited the patio and slipped to my car.

I drove home behind Glenda, and sexually attacked her in our driveway as soon as we got out of our cars. She reeked of sex, and she was amazed at how turned on I was by watching her with another man. We screwed until dawn, taking time out now & then to talk about what we were both experiencing.

That was the beginning of our Hot Wife relationship. After that, she saw the guy again on several occasions until she tired of him. And then she started making new male “friends”…sometimes with my assistance.

When I left the military I thought that part of our life would end. But we were both hooked on the Hot Wife situation, each for our own reasons, and we soon continued variations. Since then, Glenda has had several affairs with men she’s worked with or for…and she’s even screwed one of my bosses. None of the men she’s played with had any idea that I knew everything and cooperated fully to help her.

We have no regrets. We’ve both grown to trust each other in our roles as Hot Wife and Cuckold Husband.