Hubby sucks – cuckold humiliation

I’ve had similar experiences with my husband. The first few times he was forced to suck cock it was literally that, he was forced to do it. He definitely did not enjoy it and tried to resist. But my black bull Jay was very aggressive about it and made him do it anyway. My hubby felt ashamed afterwards by the experience, and begged me not to ever tell anyone. He was especially humiliated the second time when Jay came in his mouth and made him swallow it.

I did notice though, like the fifth or sixth time that Jay made him suck cock that things changed.

The first several times I noticed that my husband’s penis was totally soft and there was no indication at all that he was turned on by the experience. Really, quite the opposite. His penis was small and shriveled up the whole time that he was sucking Jay’s cock.

But the fifth or sixth time (not sure exactly), we were here at home, I was sitting up on the bed. Jay had just finished fucking me but he still hadn’t cum. He made a comment about how he was going to “save the nut” for my hubby. Jay’s cock was slick and wet and totally hard still, and my hubby was kneeling down at the edge of the bed. Jay kinda rolled over and put his cock in my hubby’s mouth and ordered him to suck it.

Anyway, I noticed that while he was sucking Jay’s cock, my husband’s penis was fully erect, like rock hard and he was kinda rubbing it with his free hand. That was pretty significant just by itself, but I guess what really showed how things had changed was when Jay came in my husband’s mouth he didn’t try to avoid it and take it out like he had the other times, but instead I could tell that my husband was trying to swallow the cum, like he wanted it.

But then what totally shocked me was after he had swallowed it all, my husband started licking Jay’s balls, which was the first time that he never done that. That was really wild to watch because I could tell that my husband was licking Jay’s balls not because he was being forced to but because he wanted to. And then, shocker of all shockers, after he did that for a while, my husband took Jay’s cock in his mouth and started sucking it again, all on his own without being told. And his little penis was still totally hard.