I love my Mistress

I must tell you I have the best Mistress in the world. As well as the hottest. I cannot imagine living without her. She loves me in panties and demands I wear them all the time. She shows me off to her girlfriends and demands I service and perform for them. Though I was straight, she has forced me to become bi to please her. She requires that I suck a man’s cock while she watches and she loves to fuck me with her strap-on until I scream. I do it for her.

She has ordered me to participate in any m-f-m encounter when a couple desires me to join them. She does not have to be present, but she must approve the couple. Her rules for me when with a couple are below:
– I must always wear panties
– I must always suck the man’s cock
– The woman may fuck me if she desires
– The man may fuck me if he desires
– I must honor the woman’s every wish
– I must always be respectful and nice
– I must report back to her with the details of the encounter and what I was made to do
I love my Mistress