• 8th August 2011 - By John Jennings

    I have a big fetish for small penis humiliation. I love hearing girls talk about how my penis is small. Feel free to make fun of it or mock me.Is my 5.5 inch dick small

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    • Sandra on August 16, 2011

      I would love to drag a stilletto accross that tiny dick, Then grab it and squeeze it till you came all over my nylon stockings.

    • cuckme on August 20, 2011

      it’s bigger than my 4 in which my wife makes fun of me all the time.

    • Cheryl on September 9, 2011

      It is definitely small and I think you are stretching the facts that it is 5.5 inches!! Pull that tape straight out and I bet you’re barely 5 inches. I like them nice long and thick with some weight to them…yours is only good for a laugh. Bet you do a lot of fist fucking cause neither me or any of my GF’s would want to fuck that!! LOL Do you watch your GF fucking those hung studs? If not you eventually will since she’ll always be in search of BIG cock if she’s been with you.

    • Ali on December 13, 2011

      Dear All,

      Is there any solution for having bigger Penis? Or is it possible to enlarge our penis by pills or something brought by technology?.

      Note: My penis size is 13 cm, what do you think? Is it small or normal?

      Ali- Kabul, Afghanistan.

    • Samantha on December 19, 2011

      small dicks = cheating wives/gfs

      • bigdick6 on March 1, 2013

        ur right lol myns 10 n half “” im sure his wife would do me rather than him

      • smallcock on May 3, 2014

        true im smallcock to 3 inch koser cock

    • jim mack on February 15, 2012

      its def bigger than mine – mine is 3.5″ hard and like 1/2″ soft – sad

      • Nancy on May 13, 2013

        Honny I am so sorry. Mine was 3/5 but I was a Sissy and had a sex change. Now I am only 3 inches deep and would love to find you.

    • Dan on November 10, 2012

      It’s fine man, relax!

      5,5in can definitely satisfy a woman. Don’t believe that shit thats postet on that website here …

    • average white man on June 20, 2013

      Yes it is small, and you are exaggerating about your size. Your Dick isn’t 5.5″, it probably not even 5″. I’m a white man with a small Dick and I have lied about my size my whole life. We all do, what the fuck do you expect? Are we supposed to admit to the world that we have a small Dick?

    • Tiny cock husband on March 28, 2014

      Your cock is a good inch bigger than my 4 inch loser cock

    • Big Mike on May 1, 2014

      Yeah you are small , dude. But seriously, your not so different than most of the other white guys. my big italian 7.5″ gets them off every time- and many dont even consider me hung

    • smallcock on May 3, 2014

      Small is loser

    • Dennis Browning on June 7, 2014

      I’d suck it.

    • mike42 on August 25, 2014

      that’s small. don’t worry I have a limp dick

    • Javi on June 27, 2015

      your cock is…yeah…5.5 iinch more or less…I have a 5.3 inch cock…is almost 13.7 cm…yeah…it’s good…I like my cock so much…I know that it’s not wooow….it’s big…no…but it works…it’s ok for me…I don’t give a fuck about girls…I fuck them otherwise….the problem if they don’t enjoy me it’s their problem not mine…so who cares…I’m an spanish boy 22 years old…I have a little small penis fetish because I enjoy so much humiliation…it’s very interesting, estimulating and funny…but I think is like this because I’m ok with my penis size…other people with real problems with his penis size would’nt enjoy this….This is for people with my size or a less or a little bit bigger…but no for 3 or 2 inch penis…those are problems with penis size…but they are medical problems…it’s not funny…but me I enjoy that….so yeah…
      Enjoy your average small penis!!

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