My sissy cuckold fantasy

Hello, I have this sick fantasy and I know its weird and I’m trying not to think about it but it keeps coming back….I want to be submissive to a large(over 190lbs), 8 inch+ well-endowed (must be
bigger than me for fantasy), tall (over 6′), well educated, masculine, muscular, dominant, older (over 30) man. I want to be a total slut for him. I want him to himulate me a little by talking down to me and giving orders while I do what i am told. I want to be told to strip down naked in front of him as he pulls out his huge cock and tells me to get on my knees boy! then I’d like him to ask me if I like his big black cock as he begins beating my face with it. I’d love dirty talk about him taking my gf from me because I’m a weaker, smaller dicked boy and he is the man! I reply that I love his big black dick and he would reply “good boy, now put it in your mouth and taste my cum like your wife likes” we would continue on with me servicing his cock and balls as he instructed until he blows his cum all over my face and open mouth…..then I leave.

I’m a very normal person otherwise, and do not consider myself gay so Why do I have this fantasy?

I have a gf and have often fantasized about her also being submissive to the same man. I’ve even made an attempt to meet a black man to be involved in a 3some but he was not what I was looking for. My gf knows nothing about my bi fantasy and I’d like it to stay that way for a while. I would be interested in fantasizing about her when we get together, and maybe even share her….we have discussed a st8 3some…..have looked into cuck lifestyle and the idea turns me on…How do I express this to my gf w/o her losing respect for me as a alpha male myself?

Does this fantasy appeal to anyone else? Let’s talk about it…..
My sissy cuckold fantasy