My Trained Cuckold BBC Cum Sucking Hubby

Typical Morning with Me Rolling in from Fucking BBC Bulls All Night

**Hubby And I Loved Writing This Testimonial Up Together**

My husband gets up bout 7 thinking i’ve been home from going out last night and notices I’m not on the couch like he thought (sometimes I knock out on the couch). He gets the kids up, feeds em breakfast and sends them to school. As he is about to head out the door for work I get dropped off by two black studs and I walk up barefoot to the front door holding my heels in one hand and purse in the other. I stagger inside wearing a low cut dress and my titties practically bulging out. He pulls me close to him and starts to grab my ass and suck on my neck leaving me with a new suck mark. Of course he notices hickies all over my body already and caked cum stains on my dress and my body. He loves that I’m owned by black men and he’s freaky and nasty like his Puta wife for BBC and loves the musky scent that my black men leave on me. He sucks on my salty cum laced mouth and tongue and then before he lays me down on the floor to eat my cum filled pussy he makes me squat in the middle of the living room and sure enough a glob of yellow cum spits out of my pussy. He makes me finger my pussy and thats when I scoop some cum out and bring it up to his mouth to taste. I tell him that my black boyfriend and his friends took turns filling my pussy up and that drives him wild with that thought so he throws me down on the floor and dives into my milky pussy and begins to lap my lips and hole clean (I always make sure to stay dirty and not clean my pussy up on my last fuck of the night cuz he loves to lick and suck it out), Mmmmmmmm I love this part. I then run upstairs to finish cleaning up, take a shower, and get dressed up again cuz I usually have a regular black bull coming over to fuck me later on.

I hope you enjoyed sharing my typical morning while you’re drinking your coffee BLACK like I always do! Besos:)My Trained Cuckold BBC Cum Sucking Hubby