My wife began making fun of my small dick

My wife began making fun of my small sexual equipment and comparing it unfavorably to the men she was dating. At first, I resented her talking this way, but she often did so when we were in bed and she would play with my little dick as she made fun of it. I resneted her humiliation about my love making and the smallness of my dick but at the same time I wanted her to do it because it was the only time she ever played with my dick.My wife began making fun of my small dick

Although we got to the point that I was never permitted to have intercourse with her, on rare occassions she actually took my dick into her mouth for a short while (It was heaven when she did it and she knew that I’d do any thing for her when she did this for me) She used my love of her BJ’s as a reward if I was very good and did exactly what she wanted from me. Naturally, I tried to please her in every way I could, for the hope of getting oral sex from her. Not only did I try to please her sexually by being the best tongue she’s ever had but also by being a good house-husband (doing all my chores and doing them well) and also by being a good provider and turning everthing I made over to her to manage and spend as she saw fit!

I, unlike many men who I have read here did not initially get sexually excited because my wife was dating other men. However, Linda’s constant technique of telling me about her dates with other men as she played with my dick, got me to the same place many others expereince. That is, whenever she talked about dating other men and having sex with them my little dicky got very hard.It got hard because, the only time she played with my dick or gave me a quicky BJ is when she was degrading me and telling me about how her studs fucked her and sucked her.

Now days, when she goes out on a date, I’m asked to pick out her sexiest cloths and help her get ready for her stud of the evening. I’m often humiliated by her lovers when they come to call on her. I have very mixed
emotions about her “dating” On the one hand, I still get a little jealous… but on the other hand I find it very exciting when she tells me how Lee or Nate or whoever started feeling her up as they danced then took her to his car and sucked her big breasts She showes me her hickies and little bite marks of her nipples and my little dicky gets as hard and stiff as possible. Then she’ll make me take it out as she plays with it and as she
tellls me what a small little boy dick I have and how I could never please a women with it. As she continues to berate me and humiliate me, she plays with my dick until I have an ejaculation. At thet pont she’ll often laugh and ask me if it was good for me, cause it didn’t do anything for her.

Her lovers have taken to humiliating me as well. Generally Linda meets her lovers somewhere (as she didn’t want to let our daughter, Janet know about her dating other men) But on occassion, Linda went to their home to pick them up. One night, her then lover, Lee had received a 30 day driver’s license suspension and Linda didn’t feel like driving, so she asked me to drive them for their date. We picked Lee up and went to a dinner theater show. It was over a half hour drive, so they got a good chance to neck and pet in the backseat of our car as I drove. When we got there, we got a table for the three of us and went in. At the table, Lee let it be known to the waiter that “her husband will be paying for everything tonight” as he placed his arm around my wife and squeezed her to him. I was terribly embarrassed but at the same time my little dicky hardened.. On the way home they did more than pet as Linda took his cock out and sucked on it for a good 15 minutes or more and he squirted all over her face and tits (Yes she had taken the top down for him earlier) I thought I’d cream myself without even touching my little dick. After we dropped Lee home, Linda began to play with my dick telling me that I had seen a “real man” in action and that I could never give her the sexual thrill that one of her loves could. She made me admit that I was a wimp dick that could never satisfy a real women like her. She made me lick out all her lovers cum from her pussy as she continued to play with my tiny dick. I came as I tasted the cum of Lee in her and realized that my sperm would most likely never be in the same place as his was then.

Well, that’s the long and the short of it. By using this sexual technique, Linda has made me her complete submissive husband. I no longer have any sex with my wife other than cleaning her up after a date and her playing with my dick as a reward for me being a “good boy” and doing what I’m told all the time.