My wife will make me a cuckold

I was laying in my backyard, enjoying the sun when my wife came and straddled me. The moment I was dreading was here: ” Ok honey! I’m going, to leave now and I won’t be back until monday. When I get back, you’ll be a cuckold! ” Her words mesmerized me! I stared helplessly into her hazel eyes as her breasts moved with every breath she took! Her weight kept my straining cock from hardening. How could I let my wife go be ravished by another man, one I didn’t even know and one who was going to take everything from me that was once only mine?
My wife must have seen my reluctance, because she lifted her weight off my waist. Then, all the blood rushed into my instantly hard cock! She sat down again and slowing rocked against my hard on! That’s when I remembered how she got I me to agree to this! Once she got me hard and horny, I’d agree to anything. I was powerless before my wife’s beauty and my treacherous lust!
my cheating wifemy cheating wifemy cheating wife“Oh, that’s more like it! I see you like this idea, too! Well, I’d help you, but I’m not your until monday! Try not to wait up!”
With that, she got up by putting all her weight onto my groin. I groaned from pain and pleasure! She giggled and, without even looking back, she walked down the driveway and into a waiting car. I watched her get into it and as it drove away, I felt sorrow, anger, jealousy, and a lonely longing, but most disgust at myself for letting dick make the decisions…my cheating wifemy cheating wifemy cheating wife