New to cuckhold life style

Hello to you all i am new to cuckhold life style. I am a married white male living in southern California. I am not sure what catagory i would fit in but here goes. My wife and I have had a power exchange in our relationship. She is now the bread winner. She is a Corporate exec and extremely busy. I am out of work and home alot. She has become very dominant, irritable and controlling and first i didn’t like it much since I am very dominant also. But now there is not much to I can do but go ahead with her wishes and make her happy. She has many ideas for me and demands i do them. Her wishes include me seeking out and locating Hung Bulls(all types) for me to meet. She wants me to perform the most humiliating thing I could do at least for me. She knows how intimidated by guys with larger cocks than me and how nervous i get around them, self concious of my six incher. So, she knows how much it will hurt and how much courage i will need to do what she wants. I am basically to venture out and meet hung Bulls and become a submissive suck slave and most important is that I get huge cumloads on my face and learn to swallow another man’s semen. She doesn’t want to be there, simply too busy, but wants me to bring home proof of the cock I was with and or all soiled with semen and wait for her to get home to show her pictures or home video the Bulls have made of me worshipping thier cocks and cum. She travels a bit and will masterbate to them knowing I am her cuckhold and will show them to her lady friends along the way and or leave copies of them in places so i can be seen or found by strangers.She also wants to see me with a group of men at once and do forced Bukakke and even roughly facefucked.

I guess what i need now is the Hung Bulls and a place to meet and serve you. I have the cameras needed. Bulls must be discreet and enjoy masculine humiliation and not expect other play to include fem touch. All manly men please.

I also would love to chat with any one into the Cuckhold lifestyle.
cuckhold life style