Nice start story

You asked me to think about the 6 customers and my 24/7. Well it was a challenge as to how/what to think about but here is how it went…I’m doing some light cleaning as I hear you call me into one of the bed rooms. I’m wearing the French maid’s outfit that you usually have me wear. As, I walk into the room I can see that your not wearing anything and pulling something out of a drawer. You tell me that today is going to be a special day for me and to get undressed. As I get undressed you bring out a strap-on and start to put it on. You also take out quite of few tubes of lube, I think that that’s a bit too much but who am I to question. You then have me sit on the bed and you walk over to me with your strap-on out a head of you. You look fantastic that way. You then say this is the first of a couple stages that I must take in becoming your slave 24/7. You then get between my legs and spread them wide. You gently caress my hardening cock and slip you fingers to my balls then to my ass. As if on queue I turn around and get on all fours.

I look back and see you smile as you nudge your big strap-on at my ass. You grab my hips as you start to slowly push into my ass. You tell be to bare down and take it. As you do I feel both the pain and pleasure of my ass being stretched. I hear someone pulling up to the house outside then hear several voices. You then take the strap off but leave it in my ass. You leave the room and leave me there with the dildo up my ass. I hear you greeting a few people at the front door. I wonder what is going on and then you come back into the room and pull out the dildo as it makes a popping sound as it completely comes out of my ass you then you tell me to kneel down on the floor. You then blind fold me and leave me there with the instructions for me not to say a word unless you tell me to say something. I hear a lot of movement and start to feel nervous. You then announce that I’m going to have to get used to your studs, with that you take off my blind fold. As my eyes focus all I can see is 5 huge cocks in front of my face. I gasp in amazement of all the huge cocks in front of me. You then tell them to stand all around me. Their cocks all encircle me. I can feel them brushing up against my chest, arms, back and all over my face. You then tell me to kiss them and their balls. I start kissing everything. You then have them pick me up and put me on the bed. You instruct them to get excited and nice and hard. No cumming until you say so! You can use him how ever you want but no full penetration of his ass. They moved all over my body. I have a monster cock in each hand stroking them to hardness! As two other cocks get shoved in and out of my mouth…the only thing that really fits is just the head of their cocks as they try to push more and more, deeper into my mouth. The last one lifts my legs up and pushes his cock head into my ass stretching me even more than your dildo. It hurts but feels great as anything that comes out of my mouth are muffled sounds with cock in my mouth. They all take turns each one go all the way around and fill my ass and mouth. You then tell me to get back on my knees with my head back and mouth open.

The guys circle me again and all place the head of their cocks right at my open mouth and you tell them to stroke their cocks. Soon, you could tell that they were going faster and faster, you tell them all to cum. Suddenly there is an explosion of cum filling my mouth as a swallow and swallow and swallow in a sea of cum. Cum is flying all over the place they are showering me with all their cum. I’m completely covered in their cum. As their showers slow they all dip their cocks into my mouth as I suck off the last drops. All of them still very hard. I hear a clicking sound in the back ground, the familre sound of high heels as a woman walks into the room right in front of me looking down at me and my cum covered body. She moves the guys off to the side. She takes off her shirt to reveal a pair of big beautiful tits. You then tell me to take her panties off. I reach up her very short skirt and push it up and pull down her panties. Only to be smacked in the face with another huge cock. She rubs her cock and balls all over my face. She then says suck and I open my mouth eagerly as she starts to stroke two of the cocks. I take her cue and stroke two others and I see you with the biggest cock in your hand. She fucks my face and I try to take as much as I can into my mouth. She slowly picks me up and has me lie down on the bed she picks up my legs high and puts them on her shoulders and puts the head of her cock right at my ass. You then move over me with your beautiful pussy just inches above my face and mouth. I can feel your hot breath on my cock and your hard nipples on my stomach. As I look down I can see a guy get behind her and a cock just at her tits as she starts to suck on it hard. You take her cock and slowly put it into my ass. As she slowly pushes her length into my ass, one of the guys moves around you and enters your cunt just above my face with his balls slapping me in the face.

Another one moves around and slips his cock into your ass. I am amazed at how you can take those two monsters! With all this motion and fucking and sucking going on it’s not very long before someone starts cumming. First the guy cums in her mouth and some slips out of her mouth and down her tits. Which make her fuck me harder and at full length. Her movements have the guy fucking her ass cum deep into her as she moans…I move my mouth up and lick your clit which bring you and the two guys fucking you over the edge as the both unload deep inside you filling you full of cum. As soon as they pull out of you the last and biggest guy gust goes and starts to fuck your cum filled cunt making all that cum ooooz out of you and into my mouth. You’re going wild and grab her ass and push her deep into my ass. I can feel your tits rubbing up and down on my cock. Then with one last hard thrust into my ass she fills my ass full with her cum which drives you crazy again and has the big guy filling you again full of his cum. As you fall down on top of me my cock is right next to your face. You pick it up and place it between her tits as she fucks me with her tits this puts me over the edge and I cum right in front of you all over her tits. As I calm down your leaking ass and cunt are right in front of me. I know what I must do. I lean forward and lick your cum filled ass and cunt. I feel you tremble once again in a small orgasm as you drift off to sleep a little. I don’t even notice but all the people leave quietly. I quietly get up and try not to disturb you and start a shower. I feel like I’m walking funny from having all that cock inside me but I go back to the room and you are just waking. I move over to you and pick you up. I carry you to the shower and stand you up in the shower as the water hits your body. I gently wash and massage your hair then wash your entire body. I place gentle light kisses all over your body. Once I’m done I dry you off all the way down to the last kisses on your toes which gets me little excited. You take notice and reach for my cock and lead me into the living room. You have me sit down on the floor. You tell me that you have something special for me to watch. You get a tape from the other room and put it on. You then sit right behind me on the couch and put both your legs over my shoulders and resting your feet and toes on my now hardening cock. As we both watch what come on is a tape of what just happened with all that fucking and sucking. I can’t take much of this and ask you if I can cum. You tell me to wait for just a little, I want you to cum the same time that all those cocks do into your mouth. I hold back as much as I can you keep teasing me getting me closer and stopping and then again. Then it comes to where all those guys a cumming in my mouth you move your toes fast and hard and tell me to cum. No having to be told twice I shoot my cum all over your feet and toes. You say good boy and tell me to massage my cum into your feet. As, I do you say that I didn’t do too bad for starters but there is more to come.

So, that is what I thought of. What are your thoughts on this? What would be the next thing for me to do? Well Hope to talk to you soon! Have a great day!