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My dick

I would love for you to look over my pics and tell me what you think this is me fully hard. All my life every girl i got with said oh its ok dont worry but i was only able to hit it once never twice tell me the truth about me i want to hear the female truth, should i believe them when they say dont worryMy dickRead More

New girl here

Hey there I just wanted to drop in and say Hi and thanks for letting me join your group huby and I are looking for a cockboy who is will to please us both and clean us both up after were done and that would kiss me so I can get a taste also. And we are also looking for a huge bull to come and help me use hubby as your slave and make him suck and lick us both clean before during and after and I cant wait to see him take some real cock in his male pussy so cgo check out my profile and get back with me come have fun with me and hubby see you all soon I hopeNew girl hereRead More