My wife humiliates me

My wife laughs at me when I get jealous as she tells me that her lover knows just how to please her! She cups her breast and holds one towards me while saying that he sucks and squeezes her tits whenever he sees her, even if it’s in public! And although I once enjoyed her body, I am a cuckold now and not allowed to touch her. But not to worry! He’ll take care of your wife! she says, showing off her tits, taunting me, laughing at my anguish…my cuckold wifemy cuckold wife

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My wife will make me a cuckold

I was laying in my backyard, enjoying the sun when my wife came and straddled me. The moment I was dreading was here: ” Ok honey! I’m going, to leave now and I won’t be back until monday. When I get back, you’ll be a cuckold! ” Her words mesmerized me! I stared helplessly into her hazel eyes as her breasts moved with every breath she took! Her weight kept my straining cock from hardening. How could I let my wife go be ravished by another man, one I didn’t even know and one who was going to take everything from me that was once only mine?
My wife must have seen my reluctance, because she lifted her weight off my waist. Then, all the blood rushed into my instantly hard cock! She sat down again and slowing rocked against my hard on! That’s when I remembered how she got I me to agree to this! Once she got me hard and horny, I’d agree to anything. I was powerless before my wife’s beauty and my treacherous lust!
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