My little white dick

This is my little white dick. Barely three inches when hard, and thin. This is the kind of dick that so many white men, like myself, are packing. This is a prime example of why so many white women choose black men. Can you blame them? I certainly don’t
My little white dick

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I was forced to suck off 4 Black Cocks

I was forced to suck off 4 BBC when a freshman in college.

I didn’t think I liked it and yet the pleasant surprise when I took their sweet sperm in my mouth and swallowed like a faggot whore.

I was 32 before I did it again, after years of thinking about it.

His name was Leo and I became his cum whore and slave for almost 4 years.

He would sell my mouth at porn stores and XXX theaters.
I was forced to suck off 4 Black Cocks

Little white dick explosing

My litte white dick needs only a few seconds to release a good amount of cum, it’s hard to last longer when i see a big black cock in action, destroying white pussies, fucking pretty faces and covering them with huge amount of special black cream!!! How could i even compete?
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