• 14th December 2011 - By milla

    This is something I’ve given a thought to on and off in the last few years.

    My name is Mila, I have a profile as you see I’m not unattractive. I’m dominant by nature, not into whips and chains, but I do want a submissive man, mostly in the bedroom, that loves to watch me take cocks and as many as I choose.Or be called at work and tell you I’m having my fill. I’m very creative.

    One thing, I’m not looking for is a bi man or bi curious man that wants a wife just to get to another man. Although, he maybe bi that will be Part of the life with me. I will require him to clean me, how
    ever I tell him to. Watch and be possibly humilated, being teased watching me devour big beauitful cum filled cocks. Write me only if your serious, over 40, singlelooking for cuckold husbandlooking for cuckold husband

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    • tom on December 14, 2011

      Very interested. Over 40 and searching for the cuckoldress wife.

    • Phillip Bell on December 16, 2011

      Would like to know where you are located.

    • Robert on December 29, 2011

      very interested and searching for such a relationship.

    • Mike on January 4, 2012

      Hi I am a very submissive male who would love to dedicate his life to dominant wife and become a cuckold.I am over 40 and genuine
      Thank yoy for your time

    • ale on January 16, 2012

      Hi, i’m exactly what you’re looking for…… but unfortunately i’m far from you.. i’m in Europe

    • Rod on February 29, 2012

      Hello Mila,

      I would love to be your submissive cuckold. You are a beautiful woman and i’m sure you could have as many men as you wanted. I will do as i’m told, clean you up as well as him.

    • John on March 8, 2012

      I’ll be your secret devoted man to watching and helping you have surprise private male group(s) use you as I watch/pic/vid, or you tell me after it happens !, be mine !, hope to be conservative to family and friends,

    • Ronie on March 21, 2012

      Hello Mila, You are a beautiful Goddess. I would love to be considered as you submissive Sissy cuck.
      Sissy Ronie

    • tom on May 2, 2012

      Hi, are you still searching? I’m very open-minded and have been in a cuckold relationship in the past but she fell in love with one man so we got divorced. I’m a normal, good looking guy who lives in GA… please contact me so we can get to know each other better, thanks.

    • Small White Dick on May 9, 2012

      My dream come true to have a dominant wife with complete sexual freedoms for her while I remain totally faithful to her and possibly even celibate if she so desires except for my tongue which should remain rather busy providing sexual pleasure to the female.

      I know my place and my roles well not to say I couldn’t be taught new tricks though. Waiting patiently for Ms. Superior.

    • sissystephenie on June 3, 2012

      I am a complete sissy and would love to be a cuckold for a woman. I love to suck men and women and I am very submissive. Please write.

    • wayne on June 30, 2012

      I was married 13yrs till wife died during the last 7yrs will swung n last 3yrs I was her cuck and became engrossed in helping her find men that I would sit n watcher fuck tho she had 1 regular blk lover she had others too blk n white it was her choice n I would do as she wanted when it came to us goin out n having fun sexually She branded me once to show her female love I would do as she wanted. I’d really like to find another free spirit again n enjoy life I’m 44 now w/m hairy n interested again ;)

    • Ian on January 5, 2013

      If I may ask where you are located?

    • Jerry on January 17, 2013

      Hi Mila! I would love for you to be my dominating wife and misstress. I would do anything you order me to do. I would lick your bare feet after you come home from work and clean you after sex I’m over 40 Your so beautiful and I love your leggs!

    • Jerry on February 16, 2013

      Hi Mila! another thing I would like you to do is to lock me in chastity with a chastity lock you only have the keys. Only you allow me to orgasm or not! I then will worsip you in every way!

    • adil on March 27, 2013

      hi mila
      ama adil 38 old singel cuckold and submissive man looking for domina women like you i looking only for mariage i love to see my wife take cocks

    • Drew on April 27, 2013

      You have described my dream

    • Drew on April 27, 2013


      swm, 41, professional and successful but a sissy cuckold at heart.

      Would love to get to know you.

    • Master on May 16, 2013

      Just get a strong white man and let him fuck you and have fun with him and call it a day. Why hook up with a sissy wuss that likes other men. He will do nothing for you.

    • Sissystephenie on May 28, 2013

      I guess I saw this too late. But I just sasw it! I am craving to be a cuckold and to serve a woman any way I can. I am bisexual and I do crossdress in lingerie, but I can do more. Please write


    • Kenn on November 11, 2013

      You describe me and what I want perfectly. I am in NW Florida if you’re still looking.

    • tom cuck on January 6, 2014

      I’m in the carolinas would love to worship you as a cuck take care of you in all ways. let me know

    • guy garthwait on February 23, 2014

      You are very attractive…and deserve a better cock than mine….i need training but am v ery ubmissive and devoted im not bi but have been forced…

    • Brian Carrie on October 10, 2014

      Hi Mila, My name is Brian. I’m 5 – 11 , brn hr, blue eyes. I’m 42 & Good looking. Will email a pic, upon request. I am very financially secure. I would love to serve You & Your lovers. However I am only interested in being a CUCK to a woman who only takes Huge Drk Blk Cocks & is willing to Cuck me with Blk Babies. I will fully support You & Our Blk Babies. I will hold you open for Your Blk Lovers. I will help increase the intensity & Volume of Blk cum pumping in You, by massaging & Sucking on their balls for Your pleasur. I will do whatever it takes to serve You. My Beautiful Master. My exwife left me for the Atlanta Blk Breeders Club. She Cucked me with 3 Beautiful Blk Babies & Pregnant with a 4 Blk Baby in less than three Yrs. They kept her knocked Up for me. Pleas Consider me For Your Cuck Slave. Sweet Dreams Master!

    • William McGrady on March 10, 2015

      Hello , I would feel honored to have the chance to serve you .

    • Chris on April 26, 2015

      Im so game its a big turn on for me to be a cuck im 37 white from alabama

    • jimmy on May 2, 2015

      Can we talk Mistress ? I could be what you are looking for . Have a beautiful night Mam.

    • cuckcumeater on June 26, 2015

      I am a divorced submissive cuckold. My ex chastised me and dominated me. She wasn’t by nature a dominant, but she really got off dominating me. She also cuckolded me with BBC. I was required to clean them both off, change their sheets, bring drinks, cigarettes whatever. I addressed her lovers as “Sir” and I addressed her as “Ma’am.” I was not allowed to use her name unless we were in public.
      Once she started cuckolding me, I was never allowed to have sex with her again.
      All I can think about is being cuckolded again. Let me know?

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