Sissy cocksucer

With that superior smirk on his face he just stares as if you know what to do. And you do. You bow your head in that submissive pose and slowly, ever so slowly drop to your knees. His feet are slightly spread apart. His hands are on his hips. His stare of arrogance bores into you. Into your soul. “He’s not doing anything,” you say to yourself.
Of course not. You must submit totally. You must do the nasty deed yourself. No, no one is forcing you. So…you bring your trembling little hands to his fly. Your heart is thumping in your chest.
Sissy cocksucerSissy cocksucer
“No…I can’t” you think. But just as fast as that thought dawns it is swept away in a wave of unthinkable lust. Down…slowly at first goes the zipper. Now becoming more frantic because you just can’t wait any more. As a matter of fact you start to panic at the thought of something happening to prevent this “event”.
You’re pulling his pants down now and…there it is. In all it’s glory. You’ve seen it before. Slowly sliding into your wife’s sloppy, dripping hungry cunt. Sliding deeply into her whoring mouth. You have not seen it, but you recently found out he has also taken your young innocent daughter. (At least she used to be innocent). You wonder if he will tell your little girl what her father does. Horror strikes you but the sight of that awesome, hard black cock prevents you from considering anything but the task at hand. And a large task it is