Sissy cuckold

I have been a cuckolded sissy for 5 years during my marriage until my Mistress passed away in an auto accident. Sadly, to say after the last 6 months I have been chaste and without a Mistress or Master to serve.
I am lost without my Mistress or her bull’s and am so very hungry and eager to find a new Mistress or Master. For some time I was on hormones and have developed somewhat nicely. I love serving and adoring. I have learned I am quite a submissive slut and thrived on my humiliation and learned I am a slut who needs to serve both cock and cum filled pussy. If anyone is interested I would be happy to jot down my story.
Though my goal here is to find a new Mistress or Master to continue my journey and transformation.
I am a an excellent cook, and housekeeper as well as sissy slave. I do have my limits though they are not limited to gang bang submission and other wonderfully slutty activities.
I simply seek to continue my jouney as a sissy cuckold and keep my place in life as a very horny sissy slut. Any takers?Sissy cuckoldSissy cuckoldSissy cuckold Sissy cuckold