• 11th July 2011 - By Ean

    I have been cuckolded by wife and a series of lovers from pretty much as soon as we married. Now she has a boyfriend who visits her and like to involve me in the prelimiaries by dragging me over his knees and spanking my bare bum in front of my wife. Wondered if any other members share similar experiences. It is extremely humiliating but shamefully my little cock is poiting to the ceiling by the time he releases me. I suppose one must conclude that I am a happy cuckold who recognizes his shortcomings. “VERYSHORT comings” my wife teases!Spanked by wifes Lover

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    • S.T. on August 2, 2011

      I have not had a cuck experience, but instead “role played” with my girlfriend and two other couples, my girl and I being “forced”.

      This included my being forced by the two other guys while the women all looked on, and my girl acted out her fantasy of being humiliated for me.

      I was not only spanked during the abuse, but the other men also pulled my hair, to better display me to their girlfriend and wife. On either side of me they stood, one guy 6″ and the other guy 7″, and me, finished with the spanking and now being shown off as having far less than they in the manhood dept.

      Didn’t you get so humiliated that you wanted to crawl in a hole and die? How do you face your girl after that experience?

    • mark on June 19, 2012

      Once my ex wife got so annoyed with me that she told me to fetch a garden cane from the shed which she kept in the house. When her boyfriend came round they called me in and I got 12 hard strokes from him while she watched.

    • Greg on June 28, 2013

      My wife dates an older gentleman regularly, and he comes to our home fairly often. Assuming a fatherly role with me, he takes me naked over his knee and spanks me when he feels I need to be reminded of my place. My wife watches silently as I cry over this man’s knee. She thinks fatherly spankings are quite appropriate, as my little penis does resemble that of a little boy’s, especially compared to his real man’s penis.

    • anthony on June 21, 2015

      My wife’s boyfriend like to spank me. He tells me how she needs a real man and not a little boy. Then I have to stand in the corner while they make love

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