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I once met with a couple, the husband wanted to watch. They had done such before with others and the husband always beat off while the guy was pleasing the wife.

I threw in the kink of tieing him to a chair at the foot of the bed so he could watch…but NOT be able to reach his cock to play with it, except with tips of his fingers. He could just barely reach the tip of his cock with his “wrong” hand. This way he could tease it, smear his pre-cum around it…but could not cum. She was very vocal, telling him how good I was making her feel and announced to him everytime she came as I ate her and as we fucked in several positions all with the thought of his best viewing angle. She particularly liked sitting on me facing away from me and toward him so he could watch my cock sliding in to her very juicy pussy.

She (and he) loved it so much that she made him clean us both. He then was allowed to JO wrong handed and eat his own cum as a reward, as we rested. She then had him suck me enough to get me hard enough to pleasure her again. This time she gave him head while I fucked her from behindWatch wife with bull