White Bull

I’d like to bring up a topic that a friend of mine approached me with this evening via e-mail. My friend is a white bull. He and I are good friends but wants nothing to do with bi-sexuality … hence he always asks about it before entering into any kind of exchange of information with prospective sex partners.

Anyhow, he told me that he contacted someone recently and they were EXTREMELY rude. The cuck placed a request for bulls … my friend answered. My friend has been a bull for over 3 years now and has learned from the best and is also a dominant male. He has very high standards and expects certain things from prospective partners, including the usual things like being D/D free and being tested on a regular basis.

Pretty much he has a standard series of questions he asks and “expectations” of the cuckold. Well he documented these … and the cuck fired back with a basic “go f**k yourself” kind of letter. These expectations were not outrageous.

(1) He expected confirmation of the time and place no later than 24 hours prior to the date so he had time to prepare maps/directions as well as to make sure that personal things are taken care of. He has two small animals he recently adopted and wants them cared for should he be gone longer than 9 hours. He also does this because he has to report to his work if he will be further than an hour away from work due to the nature of his job. He’s been burned far too many times in the past with “plans” being made and then cancelled or just abandoned without notice. The drive, the scheduling and such cost money … so he does not want to be “out” the investment of time as well as gasoline.

(2) He has a certain preference for the woman whom he is going to be with. He requires them to wear stockings or nylons … nothing more. This is to enhance his own “fetish” for women’s legs as well as to make the moment that much hotter. He’s explained that women in nylon make him more aggressive, wild and the sex that much better. So far out of all the experiences he’s had, not a single woman has balked at this. He does, however, only say this for one-on-one encounters … not when he is part of a gangbang. He does suggest it but goes no further with it.

So are these “expectations” too reaching? Are they so outrageous as to illicit such rude behavior on the part of a cuckold? And to what end does a person who is a dominant have “rights” or “no rights” to make a simple demand such as courtesy as well as one for extended pleasure for all parties invovled?

And … is this the proper behavior for a cuckold? This should be handled between the woman and man … not the cuck … in my opinion. It’s like me as a sub telling my Mistress’ lover off. It’s SO far out of bounds!